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Jennifer Lawrence lights up the mood among the media with her very laid-back yet comical responses in the clip above. Her revelation about downing a shot earlier on which might explain her ‘happy’ demeanor was just adorable. And so what did she think of the boob song?


Yup, she loved it;] The best actress winner later gets interrupted in a post-interview by Jack Nicholson (see clip below) and her starstruck plus candid reaction makes her seem that much more affable and charming.

Whatever the situation, Jennifer Lawrence always has a knack for turning the mood into a light-hearted and relaxing one. Be it a fall, an awkward question posed to her or being starstruck by her peers, Lawrence’s chirpy-down-to-earth-unsugarcoated responses usually leaves others charmed. Some might not be used to her self-deprecating humour and seemingly uncouth mannerism (for a girl), but that’s just who she is and what makes her all the more likeable. Growing up roughhouse with two brothers certainly worked out for her in my book, it’s given her the rambunctious endearing personality that fans have come to know and love. And it looks like she can add Jack Nicholson to her legion of fans;]