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In Catching Fire – part two of the trilogy – Katniss and Peeta return home for their victory tour after having survived and thus winning the harrowing challenge that is The Hunger Games. Due to the events surrounding her victory, Katniss has unwittingly become a symbol of hope for the people in the districts. As seen in the trailer, The President is concerned about the potential ‘threat’ that Katniss poses to his power and the Capitol should a rebellion arise, and hence he is all out to get rid of her once and for all.

Meanwhile, Katniss and Peeta realize that it is not all glory and happy ever after despite becoming victors, instead a gloomier darker fate lies ahead. In the second part of the trailer we see glimpses of the relationship between Katniss and her hometown sweetheart Gale. Having read the books, I have always been team Peeta so pfffffffttt to Gale!

Overall, everything looks pretty exciting although I cannot yet tell how true the film follows the book judging by just this few minutes alone. But Jennifer Lawrence sure looks as captivating as ever as ‘The Girl On Fire’. And I am not sure if it is just me, but I find Lawrence’s presence more commanding as I watch her in the trailer now as compared to the previous installment where everyone was going “who’s that girl”. After seeing her don such strong roles and performances in Winter’s Bones, Silver Linings Playbook and The Poker House, every time I look at Lawrence now, I just see this seasoned veteran’s glow exuding from her like she’s been doing this career for years. And now with a best actress Oscar to her name, it is really hard to imagine that only ONE year ago, most people haven’t even heard of her name. This girl sure is one tough amazing cookie!

The movie still has a long way to go before it hits cinemas in November, so enjoy this trailer for now all you hungry Hunger Game fans!