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So far this week, these two trailers are the ones that really stood out for me and got me really excited. I think what makes them great is how each trailer could pass off as a mini story which capture the mood and gist of the film that they represent. Whether the film is good though, that is a whole other story. But by making a great trailer, the battle is already won, now we wait for the war;]

Disney’s Frozen looks just so adorable and downright hilarious. I really hope that the rest of the movie is just as entertaining!

As for Warner Bros’ The Lego Movie, the trailer just hits the sweet spot. The humour and quirkiness of the characters just fits lego perfectly and I really enjoyed watching it. Backed up by a great lineup of voice casts (Morgan Freeman, Will Ferrel, Elizabeth Banks), this movie looks quite promising at the moment. I sure hope it can deliver in due course!