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The whole city is going minion crazy right now! While there are still 3 more days to go till the sequel’s official release in cinemas, a variety of events revolving around the film’s iconic minion characters has already sent many on the island into a pre-movie frenzy! Think Cathay’s giant six metre tall Minion figure, Shaw’s Life-Sized Minion meet-and-greet sessions over the weekend, Golden Village’s current Minion Popcorn Combo and last but not least… the buzz over an upcoming Mcdonalds Happy Meal Minion theme toys.

Looking at the status quo, it certainly seems hard to resist the allure of these cute little yellow minions. So stop putting up a fight and join in the celebrations if you have yet to be boweld over by these hugely popular minions:)

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Golden Village’s popcorn combo includes a regular popcorn and a minion cup that comes with different character figurines. The minions were so popular that when I arrived in the afternoon for my movie session at GV Marina, they were all sold out for the day. Only managed to get the Gru figurine for my drink, but Gru’s pretty awesome too in my book;]

IMG_9649Cathay’s 2 storey tall Minion Figure outside the entrance of its mall.