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CAST: Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos, Daniella Kertesz, Matthew Fox

DIRECTOR: Marc Forster

RUNNING TIME: 116 minutes


Former UN employee Gerry (Brad Pitt) must race against time to find out the cause and solution to the current zombie pandemic that is consuming the world. By the minute, the infection is spreading and the infected are rising like wildfire. As the clock ticks by, Gerry’s wife and kids await his safe return and the end to this nightmare.


Associating Word War Z with Zombies and then rubbing it off as a shallow bloodfest is going to cost you. For one, World War Z is a surprisingly entertaining thrill while offering audiences a story that is also diverse in tone. Secondly, there’s the famous eye candy – Brad Pitt. The actor still retains much of his pretty boy flair complete with shoulder length locks and an ever charming charisma. The fact that he is up against the crazy violent undead and gets bloodied and battered gives him extra brownie points too!

Right from the beginning, the film dives straight into the action with big scale chaos and mayhem in the streets. The excitement is contagious and gripping with the rage-crazy infected coming at the humans with such speed and ferocity. The body count is massive and the spread of the infected occurs at such an escalating pace that everyone watching is constantly kept on the alert. With the mood set and the pace laid down, the film then transitions into a more intimate and steady tone as the investigative portion of the plot kicks in.

As the plot progresses, the film shifts radically between fast paced gripping moments to slower, quieter intimate thrills; moving back and forth between scenes involving mass carnage to slower, calmer ones that explore detail and environment. By the time the film nears its end, the tone would have shifted from action overload to a slower paced suspense. I loved the pacing and the varied tone of the story as I thought it brought diverse levels of elements and feel to the overall flavour of the film, thus making it somewhat more interesting and less one dimensional as how most zombie horror movies are. With a good mix of fast frenzied action and ample amounts of serious dialogue sequences, World War Z manages to avoid being just a mindless action thrill.

But ultimately, not every bit of the movie was perfect. There were parts in the story that were questionable – take Brad Pitt’s character’s injury for example. (Spoiler) Also, some people were disappointed with the film’s open ended finish that left questions lingering and the threat still prevalent; although personally I did find it a realistic close to the story. There has been buzz regarding a possible sequel in the future, if so then the ending might seem more satisfactory to the masses than it does now. But on a whole, those parts did not compromise the film too much and can be overlooked given the nature of the film, it is after all just a zombie horror movie.

In a few words, although World War Z is not the most original storyline, neither is it a mindless act of gore and the undead. Those going in and expecting an A-class zombie act with strong depth or a mindless blood eating massacre zombie film might need to revise their expectations. For little old me, it certainly fits comfortably as an entertaining popcorn movie that delivers a nice level of intensity and suspense, combined with a solid delivery from the leading cast.

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