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This looks like a light hearted pleasure of a film. Going by what the trailer has given me, Enough Said looks like a fun romantic movie that brings laughter to the plate – exactly my cup of tea:)

The story touches on the life of a divorced single parent masseuse, Eva, who meets a like-minded guy, Albert, at a party. The two start to hit it off and romance blossoms. Meanwhile, Eva has a new massage client who seems almost ‘perfect’, except that she keeps raging on about the crummy qualities of her ex-husband. One day, client receives a call from the ex-husband during her massage session and Eva realizes that the guy she is currently dating is the ex-husband she has been listening to her client bitch about. Hilarity ensues as Eva decides to stay on and find out the truth about her client’s ex while continuing her relationship with Albert. Besides the laughter, Enough Said looks like it has a pretty charming material for its story, so I am really excited to catch this one. Plus, Gandolfini looks like one cute giant teddy bear here, what’s not to like;]

Enough Said stars the late James Gandolfini, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Toni Collette. This is one of Gandolfini’s two final films before his death on June 19 from a heart attack.  Enough Said is scheduled for a September 20 release date in the US. I hope it comes to Singapore soon.