Within the walls of this blog lies the rants and spoutings of a lover of stories. Just like Rose is to Jack’s character in Titanic, and tween girls screaming for Team Edward and Team Jacob, I am drawn to stories like scriptwriters today are to vampires and lycans. Stories to me are like an alternate reality that make up a larger part of our existence. They open doors to a whole new realm of different lives and different worlds, capable of fulfilling one’s wildest fantasies by letting one step into another’s shoes. It’s just Oh Such A Wonderful Feeling!!!

In a nutshell, what I want to say is: I LOVE Movies, TV Series, Books and Comics! And so all the rants that you read on this blog will be a combination of comments, reviews and other ramblings of the things I love.

Stories are more fun when shared so feel free to rant along with me anytime ;]


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