Character Bio


Hails From:

Fave Past-times:
Movies, Reading, Tennis, Squash, Gaming, Eating, Walking my overgrown ‘puppies’, Painting the town red with my buddies 

Movies I Love:
UnderWorld, The Joy Luck Club, Despicable Me, The Mummy, The Matrix, Temple Grandin, Evening, Inception, Casino Royale, Resident Evil, Red Cliff (Chinese), Ip Man (Chinese), My Brother (Korean), Daisy (Korean), Be With You (Japanese), Crying Out Love in the Center of the World (Japanese), Priceless (French)

TV Series I Love:
That 70’s Show, The Simpsons, Charmed, Grey’s Anatomy, Lost, Ugly Betty, The Pillars of the Earth, IRIS (Korean)

Books I Love:
Flowers For Algernon, My Sister’s Keeper, Odd Thomas, Nothing Last Forever, The Last to Know, For One More Day, The Great Gatsby, Harry Potter, The Tipping Point, The Silver Sword


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