RED 2 Car Shooting Clip – Helen Mirren Shows Us How It’s Done


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This clip from the upcoming film Red 2 is just pure fan bliss. Watching Helen Mirren whip out double guns and firing in such a cool demeanor with so much “senior swag” is just golden. Stop what you are doing and just watch this awesome 46 second clip. Plus there’s a certain korean eye candy in it too;]


Hilarious clip of Helen Mirren with Jimmy Fallon:) It’s hard not to like that woman

Fallon: “Mirren, Mirren on the wall, what do you think of twilight?”

Mirren: “I would not want Jacob to fight me, but I would definitely let Edward bite me.”



Giant Minion Invasion


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So as many of you in Singapore might have noticed, outside the main foyer of The Cathay stands a Giant six meter tall Minion! The giant figure is a replica of one of the characters from the hit movie called Despicable Me, which caused an international frenzy over the cute yellow characters known as minions.


In July, the sequel Despicable Me 2 will be hitting theaters and to welcome this highly anticipated sequel, the Cathay Organization has set up a photo contest on instagram with the Giant Minion as the star! Head down to The Cathay from now till 5 July, snap yourself with the minion, instagram it with the hashtags #CathayLifestyle, #DespicableMe2, #The Cathay and #MinionInvasion, tag @CathayLifestyle and Voila! You have just earned yourself a chance to win a pair of tickets to the premiere of Despicable Me 2 on 25 June at The Cathay. If due to the current haze conditions you are planning to lock yourself indoors until 5 July (my country is in smokeland right now), fret not as you can still see the Giant Minion at Cineleisure Orchard from 8 – 28 July, plenty of time for more photo opportunities!


Since its appearance, this adorable and cutesy yellow icon has been charming shoppers and movie-goers alike, I myself included;]

Besides Cathay, Shaw Organization also has some Minion treats to dish out. They are having a Despicable Me marathon in 3D on 29 and 30 June. To welcome the sequel’s release, Shaw will be screening back to back marathons of the first and second installments of the film at Shaw Nex and Shaw Lido on Saturday and Sunday respectively. They also have a special promotion where you can top up an amount to the ticket price to get a free flow of popcorn, a drink and a collectible minion goggle 3D glasses! There’s just so much Minion love going around, it’s making me so despicably HAPPY:)


Meanwhile, I’ll be hanging out at The Cathay to catch Monsters U and also to spot my Minion cardboard and poster friends while waiting for the sequel to be released. Till then, have fun and Papoooyyyyyy:)

EXTRAS – Videos

Inside Look

The Other Cute Character – Agnes:)

Super Cute Trailers – Disney’s Frozen and The Lego Movie


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So far this week, these two trailers are the ones that really stood out for me and got me really excited. I think what makes them great is how each trailer could pass off as a mini story which capture the mood and gist of the film that they represent. Whether the film is good though, that is a whole other story. But by making a great trailer, the battle is already won, now we wait for the war;]

Disney’s Frozen looks just so adorable and downright hilarious. I really hope that the rest of the movie is just as entertaining!

As for Warner Bros’ The Lego Movie, the trailer just hits the sweet spot. The humour and quirkiness of the characters just fits lego perfectly and I really enjoyed watching it. Backed up by a great lineup of voice casts (Morgan Freeman, Will Ferrel, Elizabeth Banks), this movie looks quite promising at the moment. I sure hope it can deliver in due course!

First Trailer Out for “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” !


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The first trailer for the sequel of The Hobbit is out, and damn does it look exciting!

So far I spot a dragon, and some hot eye candy in the form of Evangeline Lily and Luke Evans:) Old favourites from The Lord of The Rings movies are also spotted – which is expected since The Hobbit is a prequel to The Lord of the Rings – such as LEGOLAS! Seeing Orlando Bloom reprise his role as the elf everyone fell in love with just brings back so much nostalgia;]

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug is slated for a December release in both the US and Singapore.

Fast And Furious 6 Goes Nuts On The Stunts and Delivers One Awesome Ride!


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CAST: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, Jordana Brewster, Michelle Rodriguez, Gal Gadot, Luke Evans, Ludacris, Tyrese Gibson, Sung Kang, Gina Carano

DIRECTOR: Justin Lin

RUNING TIME: 130 Minutes

THE STORY: After their last heist in Rio where they got away with $100 million, the professional criminal group comprising of Dominic Toretto (Diesel), Brian O’Conner (Walker) and others went their separate ways and are living their respective lives, although they remain wanted fugitives. However, life doesn’t feel quite that complete living on the run and away from home.

On the other side, Agent Luke Hobbs (Johnson) and his new partner Riley (Carano) are investigating a crew of highly skilled and ruthless mercenary drivers who having been wrecking havoc across different countries. Hobbs knows that there’s only one way to stop this criminal unit and that is through outmatching them in their own game – street level racing. Thus, Hobbs tracks down Dom to try and enlist the help of his gang to take down this bad ass criminal unit. In return, he will grant them full amnesty for their past criminal deeds, allowing them to finally return home – the United States.

Dom does not seem too bought over by the idea of helping Hobbs at first. But when Hobbs gives him an incentive in the form of Letty Ortiz – thought to be dead and who is last spotted hanging with the new criminal unit Hobbs is after – Dom goes all the way to find his former love and to bring her back.



Right from the start the Fast and the Furious franchise was all about the thrill and excitement of street racing and action sequences with flashy cars. The story writing was mediocre at best, with weak character development, poor acting and questionable plot holes, the main focus was on the cars and the action performances. But despite the weak plot, the audience lovingly lapped up the adrenaline pumping joy ride that was presented to them onscreen. And by sticking to this formula of keeping the action element central to the film, while tweaking and improving progressively on the other aspects like character and plot, Fast and Furious 6 stayed true to its roots while delivering something superior than its predecessors, and hence very crowd-pleasing.

In Fast and Furious 6, there’s really not much to nit-pick about. In terms of entertainment, almost every moment was gratifyingly satisfying for both the die-hard fans as well as the average viewer. As if the level of stunts in the previous film was not insane enough, the director went and up the ante by epic proportions! And by epic I mean so ridiculous that it just rocks! Think tankers, jumbo planes, flying humans and crazy combat fights in addition to all the flashy car jazz. The resulting action was just so ambitious and outrageous, even unrealistic at points, but it was just so much fun that you couldn’t care less about the reality of the stunts in reel life versus real life.

The pace of the film was exceedingly quick, keeping everyone on the edge of their seats as we transitioned from one action packed scene another. It was a nice pace as it kept the adrenaline rush going so the excitement level never died down, while still managing a smooth and clear flow of the story.

In all honesty, I only became a fan after the fifth installment, but it is in this latest sixth film that I really fell in love with the franchise and the individual characters. Kudos to director Justin Lin for injecting subtle but vital elements into the story that bridged the connection between character and audience, thus making the film that much more enjoyable and endearing. I really loved the heathy dose of humor in this installment, especially from the characters of Tyrese and Ludacris. It really added an endearing appeal to the characters while bringing a funny light-hearted feel to the story that complemented the fun of the action. Also, the way the humour was delivered really fitted the nature of the film. The touches of WWE type fights were also genius in my opinion given that the “Rock” (Dwayne Johnson) was a former wrestler, and incorporating it into the film seemed like such a big fun tease. Sometimes it felt like I was watching a wrestling show, it was priceless because these moments just come out from nowhere.


Given that Fast and Furious is meant to be action heavy, the growth in character development this time round was a nice touch as this aspect is often under-looked in such films. There is a deeper focus on the characters as compared to previous installments, but of course the action still remains the main bulk of the plot. The other main but lesser known attribute of this film is its underlying theme of Family and Loyalty. This additional layer of values makes the film that more intimate and adds depth to the otherwise shallow action oriented story, and it is what I believe draws the audiences apart from just the action junkies. As Dom said, “You don’t turn your back on family, even when they do.”

The addition of male eye candy Luke Evans was a great choice as he exuded an air of classy, suave villainy. Maybe his God-like aura had a part to play in that (Evans played Zeus in the film Immortals). On the female side, Gina Carano did not really impress me much but her fight scenes were a sight to behold, after all she was a former mixed martial artist. Michelle Rodriguez really impressed me with her moves though, the fight scene that she had with Carano was hardcore to the bone. It looked pretty realistic and both did not hold back with the punches and kicks, just pure good old solid hand-to-hand combat.


Breaking it down, Fast and Furious 6 is one big nutty ride of thrills and spills, peppered with a good dash of humour and character development, in a nutshell – a good crowd pleaser. It is no wonder that majority of the crowd went nuts for it, making it a hit in box offices internationally.

Fast and Furious sure understands that success lies in the fans, and fans love interaction and continuity. In franchises, continuity is the key because it is the link between one installment and the next. By the end of the film, viewers are reconciled with the events that happened in Tokyo Drift, and now everything connects and makes sense. This is one smart move as what was thought to be a stand alone movie at first has now become an integral part of the franchise. No doubt, new fans of Fast and Furious will be scampering to watch Tokyo Drift in order to keep up with the backstory. But the real turning point was when the franchise brought back the original characters when making Fast 4, no sequel would be as endearing as seeing your beloved familiar characters coming back to life onscreen;]



Girl Fight

Stars of FF6 get a taste of Car Prices in Singapore (Start at 1.20 mark)

Photos from the official UK FF6 movie site, check out the site for more movie related content and cool downloads!;]

Aerosmith Starts Late But There’s No Hate, Only Mad Love For The Electrifying Band


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The clock was ticking away at half-past nine on a particularly humid Saturday night and still there was no sight of the band that over 10,000 people had turned up for. Aerosmith was scheduled to head the final night of the two day Singapore Social Concerts held at Gardens by the Bay, Singapore, and a punctual start at 8P.M. was definitely not expected given most big artistes’ track records. But given the outdoor location and the humidity of the weather in the country, the wait was that much more unbearable. By then, the crowd was getting restless from standing like packed sardines (literally) and sweating buckets in the stuffy, humid night air.

IMG_0200Tick, tick, tick… five minutes… ten minutes… fifteen minutes…

Time seemed to crawl ever so slowly with each passing minute and drop of sweat when suddenly BOOMM! Blinding flashes lit up the stage as the spotlights came to live. Screens flashed, speakers gasped and booming sounds rushed forward towards the crowd and echoed out into the night.


The crowd went wild! Hands went up in the air accompanied by screaming voices; camera phones were whipped out and trained on the stage. A new burst of energy radiated through the crowd as the weariness and bitterness of waiting miraculously ceased, now a long forgotten thing of the past. There was no doubt at all – AEROSMITH HAD ARRIVED!

IMG_0213 IMG_0232 IMG_0243

Frontman Steven Tyler wasted no time bursting into song straight away, quenching the thirst of fans who had gone hungry during the long wait. Donning a hat, scarf, big red sunglasses, jacket, tight pants and all, Steven hit all the right notes with the fans. He treated the eager crowd to his eccentric dress sense, insanely high notes and witty charm which was greatly lapped up by the sea of screaming people.

IMG_0316 IMG_0468 IMG_0480


In between songs he teased his female fans with short banter and cheeky dances, even running his fingers through his hair and lifting up his shirt to reveal his lean naked torso. Only Tyler could have pulled off such a stunt at 65 and still come across as playfully charming and sexy. With any other artist it would have come across as crazy.



Guitarist Joe Perry was no second fiddle to Tyler that night, he blew everyone away with his mad mad guitar skills. The energy with which he played was so high it was thrilling to the core. The electrifying notes were enchanting and made you wish it went on forever.

There was a good mix of songs new and old, ranging from recent tracks like “Oh Yeah” to classics like “Love in an Elevator”, “Jaded” and “Cryin”, offering a selection that caters across their wide range of fans both young and old. The wild love struck sea of fans went crazy upon hearing the first lines of the famous hit “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” that was featured in the movie Armageddon, starring Tyler’s own daughter Liv Tyler. Without even the need to prompt, the crowd started singing along to the lyrics, even out-sounding Tyler himself. But even then they could not steal the thunder away from the charismatic rocker as he belted out the high notes and lost himself in the heart of the song.

Just when the energy was at its highest, Tyler announced that the concert had reached its end and he thanked the crowd before disappearing backstage with his band. The crowd were left staring at an empty stage in disbelief, there was no way that they were done with Aerosmith just yet! Shouts of encore rang through the crowd with some even calling out Aerosmith’s name. A number of people starting streaming towards the exit but for the hardcore fans there was no way they were moving from their spots. For those that stayed their diligence paid off big time.

IMG_0392 IMG_0407



Aerosmith rewarded them with two more thrilling performances that included the much loved “Dream On”, excitingly executed with a piano playing Steve Tyler and a guitar strumming Joe Perry standing atop the hood. Smoke blasts adorned the stage towards the finale and by the end most of Tyler and Perry’s clothes had come off, no doubt due to the sweltering humidty and heat – Tyler was even sporting a hand held fan during the concert.



Towards the end, Aerosmith had a special treat up their sleeves. They brought out Japanese beatboxer and youtube star Hikakin to perform some slick and nifty vocals that got the crowd refreshed and jamming along to the beat. And not only that, after Hikakin was done out came Marquese Scott to perform some really wild dubstep moves that sent the crowd into a wilder frenzy!


IMG_0511 IMG_0520



Alas, as the encore performance came to an end and Aerosmith left the stage for the second time, everyone knew that this time it was final, and that the Singapore Social concerts had officially come to a close. The spirit and energy that Steven Tyler and his band brought to the Gardens was really one of the best that Singapore has seen in a long long time, and it will no doubt not be forgotten anytime soon.


Just as Tyler fittingly addressed the crowd before trotting off the stage of his inaugural performance in Singapore, it certainly is not goodbye, it is “Hello new friends”. Please visit us again soon Aerosmith, I am sure that the whole of Singapore shares my sentiments;) ❤


IMG_8705Aerosmith, Gardens by the Bay, May 2013

Singapore Social Concerts Day 1: Carly, Psy and Cee Lo Shower The Fans With Love!


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Following the inaugural Social Star Awards that happened on Thursday, comes the first ever Singapore Social Concerts which sees stars like Psy, Cee Lo Green and Carly Rae Jepsen taking the stage on the first night of the two day event.


Marina Bay Sands – Where the Social Star Awards was held

To celebrate the global influence of social media on the entertainment scene and pop culture, the Social Star Awards aims to reward both international and social media stars by recognizing their influence across the major social media networks like youtube and others, based on data measured by Starcount.

IMG_8572Held in Singapore, the event is followed by the two night Singapore Social Concerts at Gardens by the Bay and features performances by stars who have flown into town to attend the Social Star Awards. They include the likes of PSY, Cee Lo Green, Carly Rae Jepsen as well as Aerosmith!

Last night, the first day of the Singapore Social Concerts kicked off at 7pm. I timed my arrival just right and was just in time to see Carly Rae take the stage, but I missed out on the first performance by asian girl group Blush. Since my agenda that night was to catch all the international acts, everything turned out perfectly.

IMG_8598 IMG_8575

When bubbly and sweet looking Carly came on, she quickly showered everyone with her infectious dose of cute, girl-next-door charm. She teased the crowd with shouts of “Who’s in love” and “How many of you out there tonight are single”,  seemingly trying to play cupid and bring out the love. In a way, it worked as the crowd got in with the act and danced to her beat as she sang number after number after number. I was actually impressed with how long her set went on as I was not expecting that many songs from her.


Despite the fun and sweetness that Carly brought, her performance felt a little too mushy and over-sugarcoated. Her cutesy bubblegum voice and tamed performance was a far cry from the spunky and teasingly uninhibited vibe that her Call Me Maybe video presented. I was left wanting in that aspect. Whether it was that missing bit of ‘naughty fun’ in her performance, or the dismal strength of her voice in the large open air arena, her live performance didn’t manage to get me as excited and energized as when heard over the radio.


Nonetheless, Carly Rae was a crowd pleaser and knew how to give love to the fans. In between numbers she would reach out to the fans, sign the occasional autograph for a lucky few and even jump down the stage platform to get ever that closer to the screaming fans. Now that’s what I call a real charmer. Just before leaving, she treated the fans to an acoustic number of “Call Me Maybe”, the one song that everyone was dying to hear from her that night.


Taking over from Carly Rae Jepsen isn’t easy but Korean sensation PSY had no problem raising the energy level even higher! Just the sound of his music and the lights of his set sent the crowd into a frenzy before he popped onto stage. Asking for the spotlights to be trained on the crowd instead, PSY sure knew how to win over the crowd with his personal speeches and humourous energy.

IMG_8629 IMG_8630

After first treating the audience to less familiar numbers, PSY then proceeded to give the crowd the action that they craved by bursting into “Gentlemen” before finishing off with “Gangnam Style”. The singer’s energy was so infectious, immediately stirring up the crowd with his outrageous dance moves and getting them all grooving along to the beat. His bevy of hot dancers were a thrill and brought up the saucy factor for the night. Overall, PSY performed just a mere four songs but his performance was definitely the major highlight of the night in terms of energy and stage effects.


Last but not least came Cee Lo Green. After PSY left the stage, a large part of the crowd starting leaving which was quite a sad sight. Those people really don’t know what they are missing. Ultra funky Cee Lo gave a charming performance filled with so much love.


The energy seemed somewhat dead by the time Cee Lo appeared onstage, but the ever so energetic singer was real patient and enthusiastic, slowly speaking and joking with the crowd and spurring them on to let loose and get crazy! Cee Lo made his fans night by belting out a number  called “Crazy” from his more famous past when he was still one half of the duo Gnarls Barkley. He also gave a crowd pleasing rendition of “Don’t Cha” by the Pussycat Dolls.



As the night finally came down to its final moments, Cee Lo Green saved the best for last and brought the house down with his smash single “F*** You”, leaving the audience on a high note as the curtains came down.

With such an awesome energy in just the first night, I just can’t wait to see what day 2 with Aerosmith will bring. The Singapore Social Concert starring Aerosmith takes place at 8pm tonight at Gardens by the Bay, Singapore. For all those Steven loving peeps out there in Singapore, I’ll be seeing ya tonight;)